You’re Stuck Because You’re Attached

I love to read. Reading inspires me in all aspects of my life in ways that nothing else quite compares.

I thrive reading anything that challenges my way of thinking and that is applicable to my life in some way that improves it, makes it easier, or most importantly, far less complicated. In a world that often feels chaotic, the more I can simplify, the greater my level of serenity.

I believe that knowledge and information is meant to be shared, so in the spirit of sharing, I’d like to pass along something that I read recently that sparked an “aha” moment.

I was feverishly reading Out of Your Mind by Alan Watts (which challenges conventional ways of thinking…) and a sentence stopped me in my tracks. And I read it over and over again….

“You are stuck because you are attached.”

My mind started bouncing around in so many directions after reading this statement. Usually, when that happens, it’s because there is so much truth in it, but I am just starting to see it for what it is for the first time, so my mind is now on overdrive thinking about all the instances in which this happens.

At Courageous, we say that many people in business today are stuck, scared, stale, or spinning – and we ultimately help companies and people get unstuck.

But why are you stuck in the first place? Could it be possible that you’re stuck because you’re attached?

Are you attached to a specific outcome? Are you so focused on the result that you’re stuck taking the necessary steps to get there?

Are you attached to your existing position? Are you so focused on your reputation that you’re stuck not wanting to do anything that would make someone “think differently of you” or “make you look bad?”

Are you attached to your paycheck? Are you so focused on the realities that come with money that you’re stuck with the inability to make a courageous decision that might “mess that up” or get you fired?

These attachments are human nature! Thinking through the idea that You are stuck because you are attached” hopefully makes you take a minute to pause to really evaluate your behaviors. And from time to time, it’s a very healthy practice to check in with yourself to see if your motives are in alignment with your personal values.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to “get out of your own way.”

So…perhaps it’s time to let go. Let go of your attachment and the fear surrounding it and see what happens.

Take a glance at your life and work. Where can you detach, get out of your own way, and ultimately get unstuck?

Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller
Nicole leads the Action team for Courageous. She has spent her career toggling between brands she’s passionate about and agencies she can produce for - leading brands like Kashi, Mead, Harrah’s, Macy’s, and Sun-Maid from strategy to execution.
LinkedIn @nicolemariea

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