We hold these truths.

What we believe

The thing about courage.

We believe courage is the competitive advantage.

Courage is not a reckless act. It’s a calculated move that requires knowledge, faith and action across the business. When we get it right, we stay relevant while remaining ahead of our competition. How might you operationalize courage? Below we share our definition of what courage is and isn’t.





We believe courage sets you free.

Liberate from paralysis and inaction. Liberate from “that’s how we’ve always done it”. Liberate from lurking competition. Liberate from a “watch your back” culture vs a “got your back” culture. Liberate from a CYA mentality. Liberate from hierarchy and hard-wired ego. Liberate from transactional thinking. Liberate from reactive decision-making. Liberate from internal Fake Believers. Liberate from preservation mode. Liberate with courage.

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