The Two You’s

The only way to truly be “you” is to realize there’s TWO of YOU “in there”.

There’s the Worrier YOU.

There’s the Warrior YOU.

The Worrier You freaks out and fears more. The Worrier You makes a mess of your mentality. The Worrier You speculates; sending you into a spiral. The Worrier You stresses up your life, can minimize your potential, and silently serenades you to hesitate.

The Worrier You doesn’t just live inside your head — but all our heads. The Worrier You is as big or small as you let it grow. Don’t let your Worrier You fly.  Don’t let that Worrier You multiply.

Instead, turn to the Warrior You.

Oh yes…

There’s a Warrior in there, too.

The Warrior You has the power to decide your fate. The Warrior You can tame your most terrifying “Worrier You” thoughts. The Warrior You can mitigate and minimize your manic mind. The Warrior You will help you ask for that promotion, start that new company and build up your confidence for doing so.

While you need to know the Worrier You will never go away, you also need to trust your Warrior You should rule your day.

The Worrier You is here to help you spot all the threats — the big, the small and the tall. The Warrior You should thank that “Worrier You” for doing its important job — then move ahead bravely anyway.

95% of us surrender to the Worrier You.

5% of us power through to the Warrior You.

Which one are you?

worrier vs. warrior
“Thank you ‘Worrier You’ for trying to keep me safe, but I am going for it anyway.” – Warrior You
Ryan Berman
Ryan Berman
Ryan is an author, keynote speaker, and the founder of Courageous. His book, Return on Courage, shows how during these courage deficient times, courage is a competitive advantage for those leaders who choose to unlock it.
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