For Goodness Sake

Did you know our air is getting cleaner?

The United Nations suggests our ozone layer IS healing and is on track to recover in 4 decades. Across the US, Europe, and (even) China, there’s new research that suggests we are breathing easier and seeing further. One study has shared that particulate matter pollution has fallen by 41% in the US over the last 30 years which equates to the saving of 370,000 lives a year. That’s an extra 30,000 people a month who are not going to their graves because gunk isn’t accumulating in their lungs.

Did you know more books are being consumed by kids today?

The pandemic wasn’t all bad. From 2019 to 2020, kids increased their reading by 89%. Numbers stayed steady in 2021 when those reading muscles were built and habits were formed. Some studies suggested that kids chose reading over lazier activities like video games. Can you believe it?! This isn’t just in the USA. A 2023 report entitled, “What Are Kids Reading” discovered a significant uptick in the number of British and Irish children reading — 27 million books in the last year — up 25% from the year before. As my son’s teacher likes to remind him, great readers make great writers! Keep it going, kids!

Did you know America’s Endangered Species Act turned 50 this year?

The Center for Biological Diversity is on record suggesting it has saved 291 species from extinction thus far. This includes the Gray Whale, the Grizzly Bear, and the peregrine falcon! A total of 80% of species on the endangered list are now back on their road to recovery. Way to go, humankind for the sake of animalkind.

Did you know Americans gave approximately 500 Billion to charity last year?

That’s not a small number! While charitable giving numbers are slightly down, some of this can be expected with much of what’s going on in the world. The experts who track donations are not deterred about the future of giving. Crowdfunding companies like GoFundMe and Crowdrise have never made it so easy to give to a cause you genuinely care about.

Did you know that LEGO Braille Bricks are now literally in the house?

Lego executives would be the first to tell you that Legos are for everyone so they went to town taking their classic 2 X 4 building bricks and modified them with the braille alphabet so that blind AND sighted children (+ family members) who better want to communicate with blind loved ones could brilliantly learn Braille.

Did you know electric cars have never rolled more rampant in American streets?

20% of all passenger cars purchased were electric vehicles in 2021. Today, there are more than 2 million electric cars currently taking to our roads. In 2022, the percentage of electric cars in the U.S. has already tripled and will only continue to surge. For 90% of Americans, according to a new study, it’s already more cost-effective to operate an electric vehicle than a gas guzzler. And, as of a month ago, the Berman’s officially joined the EV movement.

Did you know Mattel Launched a Barbie with Down’s Syndrome?

Mattel continues to use all their recent exposure to revamp the way Barbie shows up in the world. It’s not just “you can be anything”, rather, “you can be anyone who can be anything”! As Mattel puts it, the goal is, “to allow even more children to see themselves in Barbie”. While some estimates vary, it is suggested that up to 20% of the general population lives with a disability. I’m not sure who is responsible for coming up with some of these statistics, but when 1 in 5 is deemed living with a disability…perhaps it ISN’T a disability? As per my podcast guest, Christopher Knight , suggested this week, when discussing the beauty that comes with the “disability” of Williams Syndrome, Knight surmised, “What’s wrong with them? How about what’s wrong with us?”

Did You Know Zellerfeld is on a mission to put fully recyclable 3D-printed shoes “on every foot in the world”?

Cornell’s Schmitt, CEO and co-founder has his quest in front of him. In fact, Zellerfeld — “shoes that are printed, not made” —provides some futuristic footwear that you can send in after a season to be used in a future design. Zellerfeld is not a fad; it was recently featured in Time Magazine “The Best Invention of 2023”.

Did you know that the World Health Organization ended its COVID-19 global health emergency status in May?

It took 1000 days. It’s something that will live on in our textbooks. But we’ve officially seen a significant decline in severity of the pandemic which means Covid is no longer deemed a public health emergency across the globe.

Did you know eleven laureates were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2023?

We “the people” can be absurdly smart, wildly brave, and graciously kind. Three prizes in physics. Three in chemistry. Two is physiology/medicine. One in literature. And Narges Mohammadi, who is on her quest to promote human rights and freedom for all, won the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for her work to end the oppression of women in Iran.

Do you watch the news, scroll social media, or read the paper?

Of course, you do.

I know it’s a bit of a sh*t show out there. It’s easy to “be human” and to feel the catastrophic, crumbling impact that comes from our current events. War. Mass Shootings. Global volatility. Hurricanes. Antisemitism. Toxic shade that continues to spread on the sadder side of the coin of life.

But there are also people out there working on behalf of good.

For goodness sake, just read the above.

If the gravity of life is getting you down, maybe turn the news off and take it upon yourself to make your world a “gooder” place. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Send flowers to a loved one. Pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor. Pay for a strangers gas. Tell someone at work they’re doing a kick ass job.

What random acts of good can you take part IN right now?

Doing good feels good for all parties. 

Ryan Berman
Ryan Berman
Ryan is an author, keynote speaker, and the founder of Courageous. His book, Return on Courage, shows how during these courage deficient times, courage is a competitive advantage for those leaders who choose to unlock it.
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