E83: Chip Conley

10 years ago, when the founders of Airbnb asked Chip Conley to be their mentor, he had his doubts. He could not see his place at a young-blooded tech start-up where the average employee was half his age. But Chip is not one to back down from a challenge, and with the help of Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky, he began embracing his new role as a “Modern Elder”. Chip is a self-proclaimed Zeitgeist Surfer, a rebel hospitality entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and the Founder of Modern Elder Academy, the world’s first midlife wisdom school that helps people cultivate and harvest their wisdom. In this episode of the Courageous Podcast, host Ryan Berman and Chip Conley explore what Chip is currently afraid of. They also discuss Chip’s time at Airbnb, the power of mentorship, and how the “great midlife edit” inspired Chip to launch The Modern Elder Academy.

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