E51: Van Neistat

Today, there’s a video camera in everyone’s pocket. But long before we coined the term influencers, there were just people with influence. Back in 2010, HBO decided to take a chance on two of them: The Neistat Brothers. Van and Casey Neistat once described their series that was picked up by HBO as “a handmade home movie TV show.” While the democratization of content is here and now, eclectic Van Neistat remains a master storyteller, talented artist, and DIY movie maker. From my lens, he truly ranks as one of the most interesting minds in America. Our discussion spans far and wide, including his current YouTube endeavor, “The Spirited Man,” his relationship with his brother Casey, and a few of our life adventures that included his Baja motorcycle trek (where Van brought along two total strangers) to my wedding. Enjoy.

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