Rick Baldridge The Courageous Podcast

E150: Rick Baldridge

Blasting their satellites into space? Just another day for Viasat; a company known for consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Whether pioneering the latest advancements in satellite technology or extending high-speed internet access to remote and underserved regions, recent Vice Chairman Rick Baldridge has been an indispensable and straight-shooting force at Viasat over the past two decades. In his conversation with Ryan, Rick offers a glimpse into his incredible career at Viasat, diving into his belief in fostering a meritocratic culture where groundbreaking ideas can emerge from any corner of the organization while turning the seemingly impossible into reality. Inspired by Rick’s recent retirement from Viasat a few months back, the two dive into the importance of having a “balanced busy” schedule that allows time for things like sitting on boards (such as Viasat) while still finding time to take a few grandkids to school.

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