The Courageous Podcast Newsletter Shirley Collado

E149: Dr. Shirley Collado

As the President and CEO of College Track, the nation’s foremost college completion program, Dr. Shirley Collado is realizing her dream of advancing equity and educational justice for underserved students and communities. With a distinguished background as President Emerita of Ithaca College, where she became its first president of color, Dr. Collado brings a wealth of experience and leadership to her mission. In their conversation, Dr. Collado and Ryan delve into the imperative need for courageous and visionary leaders in higher education, particularly as society redefines the norms of intelligence and academic achievement for future generations. They explore empowering young individuals with the autonomy to shape their career trajectories, underscoring the importance of agency in navigating one’s professional journey. To end the episode, Dr. Collado gives a surprising answer to Ryan’s question about what success looks like for College Track in 30 years.

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