Michael Smith The Courageous Podcast

E148: Michael Smith

As the official soft drink of the NBA and WNBA, you’ve likely encountered the vibrant yellow and green Starry logo gracing sidelines and megatrons nationwide. Serving as the Head of Brand Marketing for Starry at PepsiCo, Michael Smith stands as a pivotal force behind the innovative partnerships that have propelled Starry to its current rapid success. Engaging in a conversation with Ryan, Michael delves into the strategic choice of the NBA as the brand’s launch partner and shares insights on the nuances of marketing for an established brand compared to a nascent one—a perspective shaped by his experience on both ends of the spectrum. Michael also sheds light on the art of curating a team with the optimal blend of in-house talent and partner agencies, articulating why saturating the digital landscape with a diverse array of content is the key strategy for brands navigating the complexities of today’s social media terrain.

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