The Courageous Podcast with Xanthe Wells

E146: Xanthe Wells

Listed among the “30 Most Creative Women in Advertising” by Business Insider, Xanthe Wells is a driving force wherever she may be. Since joining Pinterest (from Google) in November 2022, Xanthe has been a key player behind the brand’s creative evolution, introducing a new era of product-focused creative endeavors that have not only elevated the quality standard but also bolstered Pinterest’s standing in the industry. In a candid conversation with host Ryan Berman, Xanthe delves into the dynamic landscape of the creative industry, emphasizing the growing significance for brands to embrace creativity with unwavering courage. The discussion goes beyond the surface, exploring the nuanced interplay between “book smart” and emotional intelligence within working teams. Finally, Xanthe and Ryan delve deep into the need for companies to embrace creativity in all facets of business — not simply what ends up in a positioning statement, on social media or an advertisement.

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