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Our Process and Selected Work

Most consultancies make you think. We also make you feel and do. This is our process.

1 Phase

Knowledge Gathering


All of our engagements start with gathering knowledge. The question is which knowledge should we be following? Not all data was created equal. Here, we go to work assessing your values, your people and your overall culture. Our proprietary P.R.I.C.E. methodology helps us decipher if we have the mechanics of our business in order.

2 Phase

Faith Building


80% of decisions are based on emotion. The importance of having buy-in is the difference between a transformational work environment and a transactional one. When it comes to building internal faith, you either Make Believers or Fake Believers. In our faith-building phase, we focus on helping you craft the necessary storylines and programs that drive behavior. This includes inspiring teams, galvanizing employees, and minimizing attrition.

3 Phase

Action Taking


All the knowledge and belief in the world means nothing if we don’t drive change forward with action. Here we get into the execution components of our program by putting our plan in motion. We implement processes and stay on the job with built-in feedback loops to make sure we’re moving forward towards progress, reinvention, or relevance.

Some of our work…

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