Case Study

The Challenge

MeUndies built their rising empire on being a self-expression direct-to-consumer brand dominantly focused on licensing and new weekly print drops to move their business. While seeing success from doing so, the company built itself off discounts for those members in their monthly subscription service. MeUndies asked us to come in and help them elevate from a performance marketing approach to locking in their high-level brand message.

The Courage

Courageous interviewed all members of their C-Suite, looking at their values, anti-values, and overarching business fears. We learned that MeUndies wanted to be that inclusive underwear brand for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender. Unearthed in the research was a sense of belonging. The goal was to create a membership that wasn’t solely a discount but a true community. We set out to create an idea for the top drawer…the mind of the consumer. That idea: “Comfort For All.”

The Change

We recommended that we shouldn’t just reward people for self-expression; instead, we should provide the tools for 1) self-comfort, 2) self-care, and then 3) self-expression. Add all of this up, and we created a fourth and final pillar to their platform 4) a true sense of belonging. Through these four pillars, we launched the campaign “This Is Me” — a celebration of the individual as they are while also introducing ME (MeUndies) to the world, all under the platform of “Comfort For All.”

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